Forever Halloween - Robert Smith & The Cure
@ Festhalle, Nov 17, 2022

Here's a riddle for you:
it wears smeared red lipstick, black eye-liner, has bat's nest hair and sings "Friday I'm in love"  who is it? & only: Robert James Smith — frontman, guitarist & songwriter of the legendary rock band The Cure.

Band is currently doing their big euro tour (Oct - Dec 2022), playing 46 gigs in 19 countries with grand finale at Wembley Arena — 3 nights in a row, due to demand. Not sure about other places but single ticket costed me around 80€ and I do consider myself lucky for getting it on time. Picking the standing room was the right choise cause one doesn't just listen to Cure — you dance to it mothef***er... 🥳

The Festhalle with the capacity of 15K visitors was pretty crowded. Plenty of 30+ year-olds dressed in black, wearing band shirts but also shirts of Joy Division & The Sisters of Mercy. It felt really good seeing young people in the crowd, most of whom weren't even born when the bend hit their commercial peak with the album "Disintegration" in 1989.

At around 20:45, six guys came on stage, picked up their instruments & made a night to remember. Carefully planned stage-lighting illuminated 5 tall panels hanged behind the band members, showing all kind of decorative shapes & motifs, planet Earth, trees & oceans & of course — the spider web during the "Lullaby" song. As if it wasn't enough, pilsner only boosted the atmosphere oscillating from daydreaming to frantic applause after every tune.

Watching Robert Smith perform at the age of 63 for 2,5 hours was something else: standing in the green mist, lit with blood moon depicted behind him, playing his black Schecter guitar with tilted white star on top — it was like watching a living legend. Thank you guys!

Boys don't cry, @Festhalle


Pictures of You
A Night Like This
Lovesong ❤️
And Nothing Is Forever
The Last Day of Summer
A Fragile Thing
At Night
A Strange Day
Play for Today
Shake Dog Shake
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

*** Encore 1 ***

I Can Never Say Goodbye
Charlotte Sometimes
A Forest

*** Encore 2 ***

The Walk
Let's Go to Bed
Friday I'm in Love
Close to Me
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don't Cry